The dawn of a whole new way 
to communicate
Standard Broadband - $39.95 per month
     Download speeds 12 Mbps     with Speed boost up to 20 Mbps if resources are available
     Upload speeds to 1 Mbps
Service and Performance levels 
For additional monthly fees SoVerNet can include various add on dialup services for those who wish to maintain a backup service
Minimum computer and peripheral equipment  requirements
200mhz PC or Macintosh processor 
Windows 95, Mac OS 8 or unix system software
A minimum of 128 meg of RAM memory
CD rom drive 
10/100 Base T network interface card (ethernet) 
Internet explorer, Mozzila or Safari web browser software
Note:  Although smaller less powerful computer systems may operate on the high speed network we cannot be certain how pleasant the experience will be
For more detailed information regarding our user agreement, policies, support,  and account management forms, please click on the link button below.
A DOCSIS compliant cable modem is required to use the service and is available for purchase at a cost of $50 - $55 (prices are dropping and change frequently)
Need help or have question regarding your computer or networking 
The local consultants listed below are all familiar with the DTiNet system and can provide answers to any of your questions or provide you with a variety of services related to your computing needs. 

1. Tim Bayers                                "Vermont Geeks"              802-464-5004 (PC & MAC)

2. Patrick Brown                          "Computer Solutions"           802-251-0479 (Mac)
A completed and signed User Agreement  must be submitted before service can be installed or activated
We've teamed up to bring  High Speed Broadband Internet Service to the Wilmington and Dover communities.
We also highly recommend that you purchase and use a surge protector and reliable backup power supply for the protection and proper operation of your computer as well as your modem and router
Bronze   Broadband  - $24.95 per month
     Download speeds to 1 Mbps
     Upload speeds to 256 Kbps
Speeds will vary based on network traffic, volume and webbased                               server performance which is outside our control.
(See service agreement for special prepayment conditions with apply to the Bronze level of service.)